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Pond Pumps for Different Water Features

Many people like the sound of rushing water which helps them relax and gives them a generally peaceful feeling. This is why a lot of homeowners are putting up ponds with mini-waterfalls and fountains in their yards. In order to achieve that perfect sound of moving water, you will need to install the right kind of pond pumps.

Choosing the most suitable pond pumps will depend on the type and design of pond you want to put up. If you want to build a fountain that shoots up water to a higher altitude, you will need stronger pond pumps. For more subtle water movements like in small cascading waterfalls, pond pumps with a little less power would work fine.

You have to make sure that the type of pond pumps you use has adequate pumping strength that is proportional to the size and water capacity of your pond. When pond pumps are too weak for the size of your pond, this can lead to problems like clogging and water stagnation which can eventually turn your pond into a breeding place for pests such as disease-carrying mosquitoes and other insects.

If you are planning to put fishes or other animals like turtles in your pond, your pond pumps must be able to circulate enough air to provide oxygen for all the animal life and carbon dioxide for the plants that you are going to put in the water. Again, if the pond pumps are too weak, problems will arise and some of your fishes may suffer the consequences.

Pond pumps are generally divided into two main kinds: external and internal. External pond pumps are installed outside but near the water feature while the internal pond pumps are placed smack in the center of the pond's flooring. These two types of pond pumps have their own pros and cons, and your choice will really depend on the details of the particular pond you are planning to build.

There is another way that pond pumps are classified and this is by energy source. There are also two many categories here: solar and electrical. Many people agree that solar pond pumps are the better choice especially now that their cost has dropped considerably in the past decade or so.

It also makes more sense to use solar pond pumps in your garden because it is much more considerate of the environment and is infinitely more cost efficient in the long run.

If you are still unsure of which pond pumps are best suited for your purpose, you can get more information from garden landscapers or your local garden supplies store. Most shop owners will be willing to answer any questions you might have and they might even be able to recommend you to a source of high quality but low-cost pond pumps.

You can also get recommendations from friends who have had experiences in buying and installing pond pumps. Although you might have completely different kinds of water features, you can still learn from their inputs.

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